It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

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― // they have their exits & their entrances // ―

I’m sorry for my lack of activity. I’ve been rly busy and also I woke up feeling like shit this morning so replies are being done slowly atm.

ilu all

Thu, 26th June
// they have their exits and their entrances //;
― // they have their exits & their entrances // ―

wow, yes ok so i’m going to be really busy these next couple of days bc summer b classes start and i’m sleeping over my friend’s house. also work.

i’ll most likely be back thursday afternoon.

i love u guys plspls don’t hate me ok ilu and you will get your replies soon!!! ( camthewriter newsbxy hymnalistic )

Mon, 23rd June  1
// they have their exits and their entrances //;
― // they have their exits & their entrances // ―

wow, where did I get all these followers from??? ;-;

if any of you would like a starter just let me know and I’ll try to get it done! just gimme a lil bit so I can finish these bios and stuff ;-;

Mon, 23rd June
// they have their exits and their entrances //;
― // they have their exits & their entrances // ―

alright year i’m rollin’ out coz i am fuckin tired

i’ll get on tomorrow to do replies and stuff!!!!!!!

ily guys gn

Sun, 22nd June
// they have their exits and their entrances //;
― // they have their exits & their entrances // ―

i added new muses so bc there’s no info on them yet bc i am doing that tomorrow, here’s a quick lil thing so you’re not like “wtf”

there u have it folks

Sun, 22nd June
// they have their exits and their entrances //; [ countrymen ];



"If you’re looking for pity
you will not get any from 

   ”Ah yes, because I have declared
 you the sole person whom I want pity from.
 You are the one I want to feel bad about me.
                                Please, I am begging you.”

Sun, 22nd June  2
[ the smartass ]; humouralism; [ the play's the thing: choleric ];



            For a split second, Saoirse truly believes
            that the stranger is mocking her, and she’s
            unable to keep a brow from quirking in suspicion
            and defense —— but it soon dawns on her
            that he’s genuine. That manages to catch her
            off-guard and she studies him for a moment
            longer, expression unreadable before she speaks.

                                            No one’s ever cared about her waitress status before.


                 ”Six years —— or somewhere around there.”
                  And none of them by choice. “How long have
                  you been — y’know — doin’ the whole ‘dead
                  body’ thing?”

   The woman seemed perplexed
by his commentary. Conversations
tended to be that way with Harry.
He always thought it was because
he spoke too often, allowing his
thoughts to flow within his speech to
create this madness that only he
- and his closest friend - could decode.

   Although with her, it was only a simple
conversation, so he couldn’t recall anything
                              he uttered to be confusing.

   ”I have been in this practice for
 officially four years already.
 I went to med school in Germany,
 then moved here to receive my
 certificate to become a medical
 examiner. And, so, I’ve been in the
 practice since; although for about
 a year before I received certification,
 I had to have opened a practice for a
 good chunk of that final year as a requirement.
 So technically, five years. Is this only a
 part-time job? Will you be receiving a
 degree or certificate of any kind? Excuse
 all of the inquiries, I just happen to be curious.”

                                                 ”My name is Harry, by the way.
                                          Harry King. And your name, miss?”

Sun, 22nd June  7
[ the play's the thing: saoirse maria delacroix ]; hymnalistic; [ the erratic melancholic ];


you are the sinner, you are the martyr, you are the beginning and the end. you were the perfect creation. you are woman. and she is you

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Sun, 22nd June  11
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Send me a and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

SEXUAL TENSION VERSION (can be nsfw, better used with ships)


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Sat, 21st June  10302
[ meme ];



            See, that sounds so noble to her, ( thoughbut ,
            admittedly, the last part still gives her pause).
            When he inquires as to what line of work Sam’s
            a part of, it takes every last fiber of her being
            not to visibly cringe. She doesn’t bring solace
            to grieving families, she isn’t changing the
            world for the better, she’s just ————————


            “————  I serve breakfast foods to misogynistic truckers.”


   Harry could never work at a place
such as the one mentioned by the
young woman before him. Not only
was it deemed unacceptable by his
family, but Harry himself bore no
qualities that could contribute to such work.
Sure, he could open up dead bodies,
yet he could not fathom serving piping
hot coffee to strangers. 

   ”I cannot even imagine how
 hard you must work. I could
 never deal with such impotence
 and ignorance. How long have
 you been working there?”

Sat, 21st June  7
[ the erratic melancholic ]; [ the play's the thing: saoirse maria delacroix ]; hymnalistic;
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